Table Clinic


A table clinic is an informal table top presentation using oral communication and visual media to inform, clarify, and/or review material on a specific topic. You may call it a mini refresher course.


      1. Determine a theme for your clinic and work toward developing it.
      2. Research your topic thoroughly and have reference documentation available.
      3. Be prepared for questions and discussion.
      4. Practice your best communication skills.
      5. Use visual aids effectively to reinforce what you are saying.
      6. Prepare handouts to outline, summarize, or supplement your clinic.
      7. Practice your presentation with friends and colleagues. Ask for constructive criticism.



        1. It is mandatory for the authors of table clinic to be IACDE members and they should be registered delegates/students at the time of submission of submission of presentation.
        2. Acceptance of abstract submission is subject to the decision of the scientific committee which shall be final and binding.
        3. Last date for submission of abstract is 31st January 2019.
        4. Abstract must be sent via email at after registration clearly indicating the conference registration no. at top of abstract.
        5. The title of abstract should be concise and should not exceed 30 words. The complete title should be capitalized and should not contain abbreviations.
        6. The abstract should not exceed 250 words and submitted as A4 sheet with 2.54cm margins on the sides, font style- Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 spacing between the lines. It should include introduction, methodology, summary of results and conclusion. No references, tables, charts and drawings are allowed in abstract. Abstract body shall not include any indication of personal details of authors. Avoid reference to institution names, location or funding sources in the abstract.
        7. Name, last name, title, institution, city and contact details of authors shall be stated separately and clearly.
        8. The accepted abstracts will be incorporated in the conference booklet/CD.
        9. Only one entry will be accepted from one college and maximum 2 participants can present from each college.
        10. All clinics are conducted at individual tables.
        11. Only one 6’ x 2.5’ table will be permitted for each table clinic
        12. Models and radiographs may be used to enhance the presentation.
        13. Only those candidates who will be physically present at the conference are eligible to receive certificates.
        14. Advertising matter, commercial promotion, and solicitation of sales of any type are prohibited.
          Drugs must be identified by their generic or chemical formula, rather than by commercial trade name.
        15. Trade names on products and or instruments must be covered.
        16. Clinicians must supply all presentation display equipment except the table, table cloth, and clinic identification sign. Order forms for electrical outlets, AV equipment and additional supplies will be forwarded to each accepted presenter. Clinicians requiring additional equipment must place their orders directly with the conference center. Charges for additional equipment are the responsibility of the clinicians.
        17. The use of patients or live models for treatment or demonstration purposes is not allowed.
          Charts, diagrams and display materials must be limited to the table top and their height must not exceed 48”. Easels are not permitted. Display materials are not allowed in the aisles. Do not include dental hygiene program affiliation on any materials.
        18. Presentations must not exceed SEVEN minutes.
        19. Table clinics will be judged by assigned judges.

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Thank You Everyone For Making This Conference A Huge Success.