Poster Presentation


    1. All abstracts for posters should be submitted to our email address .
    2. The abstract should not be more than 250 words.
    3. These posters are to be submitted in .ppt or . pptx format using Microsoft 2007 PowerPoint or later version only.
    4. Maximum size of the file should not exceeded 25MB.
    5. E-posters once submitted cannot be modified or changed.
    6. Any kind of animations will not be allowed.
    7. Presentation time should not exceed 3 minutes. 2 minutes is allowed for discussion.
    8. The scientific committee will review all abstracts that have been submitted on time and in the correct format.
    9. The authors of abstract accepted/rejected for presentation will receive notification and information of their scheduled slot will be announced at website.
    10. All the presenters must mention their email id and contact numbers for further communication:
      • Name of author/authors
      • Institutional affiliation and address
      • Name of HOD
      • Type of presentation: E Poster Presentation
      • Category: reviews on recent techniques or advancement/case reports/ original research.
      • Title
      • Abstract (250 words)
      • Sign of authors
      • Sign of HOD


  • Please save this document with the file name , clearly specifically your name and send at
  • Two person can share one poster presentation and it is mandatory to mention conference registration number while sending abstracts. Last date for abstract submission is 10th January, 2019.
  • For any queries contact : Dr. Tarun Kumar, +91-9888666699

Thank You Everyone For Making This Conference A Huge Success.