Each Doctors has to pay an amount of INR 700 along with the conference registration.

  1. All the participants are requested to wear white trousers, white T- shirt and sports shoes.
  2. Only 15 players are to be allowed in a team.
  3. A single inning can be played with a single white ball which has to be consecutively changed per inning.
  4. A bowler is allowed to ball 4 overs per match only.
  5. Each innings will be of 20 overs.
  6. There will be neutral umpires for all the matches & umpire’s decision would be the final one.
  7. The organizer have the right to over-rule the umpire’s decision on whether a match cannot be continued.
  8. If the ball thrown by the bowler hits the helmet kept behind the wicket keeper, then it would be scored as 5 runs.
  9. Free hit – a free hit is awarded to the batting team if the bowler bowls a no-ball (over stepping only & not a waist high full toss no ball or the shoulder no ball).
    – There is run out on the you hit & ball will be counted.
    – Field cannot be changed unless the batsman changed ends.
  10. In case of a drown game, there will be a SUPER-OVER to determine the winner. The team who is batting second will bat first in the super over. Bowling sides will name designate only one bowler to bowl that super over, and batting sides will name three players to bat during that super over once two batsman will get out, the super over will be finished regardless of the no. Of balls remaining in that over. In the event that game is still tied, an extra super over will be played until a winner is sectioned.
  11. First six over of each innings a power play will be instilled only two fielders are allowed to field outside the power play circle & anywhere within the bounderees.
  12. A substitute fielder shall be permitted for injured player however cannot be given a chance to bowl or bat.

NOTE : Please confirm yourself as soon as possible so we can do the arrangements for the cricket match.

If you have any quires, Contact:
Dr. Deepak Sharma
(HOD Dept. of Conservative and Endodontics)
Mobile: +91-9799339654

Thank You Everyone For Making This Conference A Huge Success.